Richmond Real

We were approached by the City of Richmond to undertake a request very close to our hearts: develop the strategy to create a new identity for the city we call home. The goals were far-reaching: align perceptions of Richmond, promote economic and social development for all, and pinpoint a shared vision for our community. Further, the identity had to acknowledge our city’s past struggles while emphasizing our evolution toward a future that is more just, equitable, and inclusive. And it absolutely had to radiate with positivity and momentum.

Real People. Real Places. Real Stories.

For almost a year, we collaborated with community members, stakeholders, and public officials. Together, we arrived at “Richmond Real” – an identity that reflects the city’s unique pulse, energy, and soul. From creating the logo to drafting the brand guide to crafting the Richmond Real website to designing city signage, West Cary Group executed on all levels to bring the identity to life. The public reveal generated excitement and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. As the community becomes more engaged, the road ahead is full of possibilities for advancing economic development and social unity in Richmond.