Home Care Delivered

Home Care Delivered, an industry leader in medical supplies distribution with over 40,000 customers, came to West Cary Group with an extensive marketing challenge: update the brand, test new marketing channels, and create an orchestrated digital and offline ecosystem – all while improving the results for keyword searches. To satisfy every desire, our digital team used data analytics to reconceptualize and fine-tune Home Care Delivered’s keyword searches. Simultaneously, our creative team developed a direct mail and video campaign with a unique illustrative style that amplified the brand.

Full Marketing Treatment

With a revamped digital strategy and a fresh creative look, we were able to produce dramatic campaign performance results in a very short time frame. We determined that connected TV and direct mail would make the biggest impact for their brand and strategized accordingly. Modeling played a major role in our direct mail work; we went so far as to build a lookalike for improved targeting, which allowed us to identify and reach audience segments most likely to respond. The results were remarkable. Overall impressions improved by 304.5%, clicks rose by 703.2%, and click-through rates jumped to 98.6%. Moreover, we boosted Home Care Delivered’s bottom line by helping them make these gains while lowering their cost per conversion by 39.5%.